gen2 cutout2 smallMillimeter Wave Object Detection and People Screening System


The world's first surveillance system to feature full-motion, real-time millimeter wave imaging capabilities, allowing users to search for and locate potential threats on an individual quickly and discretely from a distance while that person walks through the camera's view. No other product, today or in the past, has ever offered advantages comparable to those,

GEN 2 technology is composed of a real-time Radiometric Scanner that images electromagnetic millimeter wave energy, an integrated full-motion video camera, on-board computer, and sophisticated, intelligent video detection engine. Using the GEN 2 value-added detection engine’s capability your security screeners will automatically be alerted and can easily pinpoint concealed objects without intrusive, time-consuming, personnel-intensive and potentially dangerous physical searches, while allowing security screeners and law enforcement officers to perform “virtual” pat downs from a distance without direct contact.

The only surveillance system that can check for bombs hidden on a person without the need for radiation (even in so-called "safe" amounts), containment or forcing the person to stand still.

The world's first surveillance system to feature full-motion, real-time millimeter wave imaging capabilities, allowing users to search for and locate potential threats on an individual quickly and discretely from a distance while that person walks through the camera's view. No other product, today or in the past, has ever offered advantages comparable to those of the BIS-WDS™ Prime.

Product Features and Specification

The following specification apply to all models unless otherwise designated:


  • Imaging capabilities: Metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, glass, liquids, gels, explosives, weapons, currency, tobacco goods, wood and other materials - including those materials commonly used to construct weapons and explosive devices.
  • Minimum object size: Imaged pixel size: Approximately 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in x 2 in).
  • Detection engine optimization: Approximately 7.6 cm x 12 cm (3.0 in x 5.0 in).
  • Large object detection: Program system’s detection engine to treat identification of large objects differently. Use system’s alarm utility to configure and trigger specific actions upon detection.
  • Simultaneous processing: Detection engine processes multiple simultaneous detections. GUI displays up to 3 detection or “Large Object” icons at a time and features a contiguous running event log.
  • Fully-integrated on-board computer: Pentium®-based processor enables stand-alone operation without external PC connection. Microsoft Windows XP™ Operating System integrates with local area networks for remote viewing and control via GEN 2 Application Software and APIs.
  • Anti-tamper software: Applications actively prevent, detect and react to tampering and reverse engineering.
  • Imaging speed: MMW radiometer 4 to 12 frames per second (FPS); CCTV 30 FPS.
  • Detection engine indications: Tri-colored box over location of detection on subject video image. Detection box features a black outside line, a white middle line and one of the following colors as the inside line, determined by the user-defined detection settings:
    • Blue:             D2 level detection (warning)
    • Yellow:           D1 level detection (alarm)
    • Red:              L large object detection
    A corresponding tri-colored box also appears on the “Detection Status” area of the GUI with “D1,” “D2 “or “L” detection status icons.

Features & Benefits


  • Physical security checkpoints
  • Loss Prevention entry/exit screening


  • Detects metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, liquids, gels, ceramics, powers, explosives, currency and drugs

Ease of Use

  • Operators can receive basic training in just a few hours
  • No operator adjustments are required
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

Versatile Technology

  • Flexible deployment options
  • Wireless network configurations
  • Standard TCP/IP communications easily integrates into existing security infrastructure

Cost Effective

  • Excellent ROI based on customer feedback
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • No consumable parts to purchase
  • Minimal operator training expenses
  • Reliable
  • High MTBF
  • Environmentally sealed

Product Application


Used alone or as part of a comprehensive, multi-layered security solution, choose Gen 2 proven reliability to achieve your security goals. Deploy the system as part of a high-security entrance portal, integrate it with existing devices such as X-Ray or metal detectors and find the items they are missing. Or use the GEN 2 to monitor your exits—you can even remotely image unattended locations. The GEN 2 is a must for any place where protection of life or loss prevention demands knowing which people are concealing hidden items — and pinpoint where they’re hiding them.

Standoff Bomb and Weapon Detection:

Protection from the threat. There is no need to put security staff or military personnel at arm’s length from danger in high risk areas. Operated remotely, the GEN 2 can detect explosives or weapons and trigger a “lockdown” event, holding the suspect within a secure area. In today’s high security environment, Brijot’s imager adds an extra layer of protection, isolating the threat and alerting security personnel that a potential danger is approaching.

Airport/High Security Transportation Hubs:

See what you’re missing! Some locations—like airports and other critical transportation hubs, have already invested in security screening technologies like Xray machines, metal detectors, and added security staff. But those technologies can’t see explosive materials, liquids and gels, or thick packets of currency. GEN 2 can be integrated into your existing security strategy, and by imaging subjects in motion, it can be used to direct subjects into secondary screening lanes for further investigation, focusing security efforts and eliminating profiling or ineffective
random screening.

Government Buildings/High-Security Hotels:

Broaden counterterrorism measures! Terrorism is one the greatest threats to the safety and security of public and private buildings such as federal office buildings, hotels and many national icons. The best defense to safeguard your facility, organization and operations is “detection” that enables an immediate “assessment” for the proper “reaction.” With Brijot’s GEN 2 millimeter wave technology you have full-motion, real time imaging capabilities which allow you to safeguard property and lives effectively. GEN 2 can be positioned at a distance from security personnel and operated remotely to protect them from the threat posed by suicide bombers.

Loss Prevention:

Stem the tide of product shrinkage! Loss prevention personnel will find the GEN 2 invaluable in identifying hidden objects exiting a facility. The system can image metals, wood, electronic devices, bottles of liquor… even fresh or frozen foods! Managers and security personnel can pat down employees virtually without physical contact. Event logging functionality records the detection, providing ideal documentation in the event of an employee termination or theft prosecution

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